In a group exhibition in 2003 or 2004, i stood out the work of Lambrini Boviatsou (born in 1975), a form painted on a pot sparkler. The face has a relative deformation such as the artist had frozen the form through the reflection.

Her interest in the representation of the real, through the difficulty of reflection, ie the illusion, continues to stimulates her in a large art exhibition in the Thanassis Frissiras gallery. Boviatsou has the privilege, as Youla Chatzigeorgiou who films making light of the dishes in the kitchen, giving the impression that it makes its image through multimedia and specialized technological knowledge, while in reality it generates through observation. A momentary distortion of the image on glossy surface gives rise to the family album that exposes.

There is, you see, a course in her investigation, which began from the independent observation, namely the Self-portrait before going on the wider environment and the canvas before the matter become exoglyfi. And if Lindya Buzio developed the reflection in the painting of the inclined building, Boviatsou proceeded to the magnified features and people which sometimes are multiplied.

The glossy surface memory is organized as project material, frame or extract, resulting in two or three faces who have created the painted reflections entering and face the viewer or his body, in a kind of potential performance.

Interesting work, however, self-discipline is needed in options and amenities which make gigantic the forms, thus losing the original wild poetic goal.

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