it is not always easy, sometimes I’m feeling awkward, but
it is always interesting to see the different aspects of the same person…”

Monoblog is proud to present the drawings of Lamprini Boviatsou.

Based in the town of Chania in Crete, artist Lamprini Boviatsou admits she has long been obsessed with self-portraiture and extreme realism. These two elements are typical of her work.

The main issue in her research is reflection. Reflection is the confirmation of existence, the mirror which presents the images of people and objects, together with what the artist sees as the “ritualistic” concepts they contain. Each form assumes elements of identity, depending on how it is mirrored, and these elements are influenced by their social and political context.

The artist imposes this distortion of the figures in her attempt to demonstrate the chaotic nature of existence.

Lamprini Boviatsou was born in Athens in 1975. She graduated in 1998 from Rome School of Fine Arts. She has taken part in several group exhibitions in Greece and Italy and has won many competition awards. She has had five solo exhibitions, her last one at Thanassis Frissiras Gallery in Athens, Greece.

She is currently in the exhibition “Face to Face – The Artists and the Collector”, at the Frissiras Museum until 30th September, 2012:

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